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Again, I use full length sizing dies with threads on the outside, threads make my dies adjustable, all I have to know is “how to adjust”, not fair to other reloaders, my full length aizer dies are versatile, I can form/size cases for short chambers, .012” shorter than minimum length, I can size cases that are ‘beyond’ field reject or longer, I can size a case that could be considered ‘to infinity’ or a more particle .014” longer than a minimum length case from the head of the case to the shoulder of the case. That is 26 different lengths with one full length sizer die.

Nothing like knowing the length of the chamber from the bolt face to the shoulder of the chamber when setting up a die that is versatile. reloading would be too boring for me if I had but two choices as ion full length sizing and neck sizing.

I have small base dies, full length sizer dies and I have versatile full length sizer dies, again, threads on my FL dies turn them into vestal dies, then there is the feeler gage, the companion tool to the press, the feeler gage turns my dies with threads into vestal dies.

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