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If one was all I had, or could afford I would not feel under equipped with it. I would choose to have a gun over nothing any day. Though I must admit I would go for a 9mm Mak over the Tok. I carry one in my pocket more than any other gun I own. I know that the time will come when I see a Tok that is priced right when have the money in my pocket, and I will buy it. Then I will shoot the heck out of it.

The main thing I am a proponent of is the fact that no round is a one hit wonder most times. Shot placement counts for more than caliber. Though I carry 9 mm Mak, 9mm Luger, or .45 ACP due to the fact that I like the guns for a number of reasons. I shoot them well enough to know I would be more likely to shoot them well enough in a self defense situation to effectively defend myself.

Besides that I have not seen a holster that will allow me to carry a 105 mm self propelled concealed enough to stay within the law.
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