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Actually, I would say they are really not very innovative at all.

The gas piston used in both the FS2000 and the SCAR is basically a AR-18 piston.

The bolt head used in both is a near copy of the AR-15 bolt head with some improved geometry.

The bolt carrier/guts of the SCAR is almost identical to the FNC they released WAY back in the 1960s.

Their handguns are just run of the mill modified Browning actions like most every other handgun out there.

Their FN-MAG 58 was pretty innovative, back in 1958, but they have just been tweaking it here and there to make the M249 and the M240.

The FS 2000 method of brass ejection was pretty innovative. The P90 was pretty innovative too.

But most of their guns are pretty "run of the mill" reworks of old designs. But they seem to work.
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