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no, all that means is you would watch andor be in shock and someone else would instinctively and immediately act without a second's delay. That is what I spoke of is a natural reaction to freeze andor at least hesitate. There are some that would not do this. It is one thing if you are looking at a zoo map 5 feet away or doing something else, but the bottom line if you are there you have time to do something. It is a cop-out to say otherwise. Nobody said you would be be successful or not but when one has an immediate crisis, and immediate response can be an equalizer. the saddest stories(though this one is trying to 'take the cake') are the ones when the two yr old falls in the rushing river. Almost without exception, there is no time for even an instinctive, immediate response in that situation. In this one just watching and hesitating takes time(a short time), but a trained individual andor an individual with the 'gene' or a specific character can automatically go into emergency mode. I for one think the dogs were very quick(as I mentioned earlier: probably already at the gate so-to-speak while the child was at the net part), but honestly it is possible there was a tad more time than you perceive or assume. One might have run over and assessed the situation and smelled before biting. this is all speculation, but something could've been done either way. It is possible nobody had a firearm.
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