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G 26 vs. P380

I have a few semiautos, and have been carrying a p380 in the summer, and my G 26 is new and I carry it in the winter. I had not shot the G 26 until today, even though I've had it for 2 weeks. (unable to get to the range, or upstate to shoot it.) I put about 200 rounds through the G 26 and had no malfunctions at all. And used 3 different types of ammo. This is the first Semiauto I have owned, that has had no malfunctions from the start. I know it's only 200 rounds, but I am starting to see the beauty of Glock. When I carry the P380 I def. don't feel as secure, because it seems to malfunction quite often, probably every 30 to 40 rounds or so. It has about 550 rounds through it, so it's supposedly " broken in", but I may have to start carrying the Glock all year round!
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