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forming 7.7 from 30/06

A reloader/shooter/collector purchased a 7.7 Japanese that had been modified. He ask a question about cases, being concerned about the price of cases he expressed an interest in forming cases. After everyone told him everything they knew about Japanese rifles I got involved, helping him was not something that could be done on a forum so I contacted him and gave him my contact information. I offered to form cases for his 7.7 for free, he agreed but was reluctant. I formed 80 cases, I kept 2 from each box in case there was a question.
I used new and once fired cases, I used 4 different head stamps. I formed the cases with a 308 Winchester forming die, I formed the cases long from the head of the case to the shoulder then full length sized the cases with A Herters 7.7 Japanese full length sizer die.

When finishing the full length sizing process I screwed the die down to shell holder on the first 20 cases, then I backed the die off the shell holder .005” for the next 20, I backed the die off .009” to size the the next 20 cases, for the last 20 I backed the die off the shell holder .014”, I mailed the cases to him. He sent the results to me, he said the first set chambered so he loaded them, he said the next set chambered with slight resistance to bolt closing so he loaded them, he then said the third set would not allow the bolt to close so he full length sized them and he loaded that set, same for the fourth set. he full length sized them and then loaded them also, the last 2 sets required trimming.

He lives just west of Ft. Worth, TX., he had a couple more questions so I made arrangements for him to meet me at the Dallas Market Hall gun show, by the time he got to the show he had fired all the cases at least 3 times each. He had some gun parts he needed checked out so he bought them with him, he was given an opinion and introduced to resource people.

He had a question about the forming process, he wanted to know how I knew his chamber was go-gage length as in the first set chambered with no resistance to bolt closing, I informed him I did not have a clue what condition the chamber was in, I explained to him I formed cases that matched the length of a a minimum length chamber, a go-gage length chamber, a no go-gage length chamber and a field reject chamber, all that was required of him was to let me know which set chambered. It did not take him anytime at all to catch on. Again, if I had one forming die it would be the 308 Winchester, if I had two forming dies the second one would still be in the 308 W family like the 7mm08 or the 243 Winchester etc..

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