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I hear ya Gaerek....see my little piece above in response to Glenn as to why I just dont feel quite right about carrying in the house. I list a few valid and honest reasons.

Maybe down the road things will change for me, who knows. Anyways thanks to all who contributed. This place certainly provides valuable perspective and has already helped me become a better, more responsible shooter/CCW fan in many ways

Jim Ill be completely honest...Im 30 years old and sometimes get swept up in a 3rd grade argumentative mentality when I feel pushed. lol I'm working on it. I'm a member on a few different gun forums (some of which I mostly lurk) and this place is hands down the best all things considered. Fact is this is a GREAT group of folks who all possess valuable nuggets of info. I almost left this place a couple times for stupid reasons.....but HELLA glad I stuck around

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