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I haven't taken any offense. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. What bothers me is when someone says something like, "No one is right or wrong, BUT this is what I do, and I don't care what you do." (Sorry for the paraphrase, that's how I took it). That's what really got me going.

If you're OK with not carrying in the house, that's cool. It's your way. You may have different circumstances or whatever. You may think it's excessive, and that's totally fine. I certainly don't think of myself as paranoid. When you start doing a lot of research on this, and other subjects, you find that carrying in the home is VERY common, and recommended by almost every expert in the field. Their arguments swayed me. Trust me, I used to feel the same way you did. I feel safe in my home, precisely because I know I have a way to protect myself hanging on my hip.

It's the CCW adage, I don't carry because I'm afraid; I'm not afraid, because I carry.
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