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it needs to go to GUNSMITH

But there is something you can do at home. You said it fails to fire, there are two different things that could be at work here. Either the firing pin is not being struck, or the pin is not hitting the primer. Your info doesn't let us tell which.

Dry fire the gun (make sure it is UNLOADED!!!). If the hammer falls, then the problem is most likely the firing pin. IF it doesn't, the the problem is something else, and probably more complex (like not being fully in battery, or a problem with the trigger group).

If the gun dry fires normally but fails to go off with live ammo, its likely the firing pin. Yes, there was a recall, because of problems with the firing pin. The model is long discontinued, but I think you can still get replacement pins.

If you are capable of disassembling the rifle, you can check the condition of the firing pin yourself, but if you aren't (and there's no shame in that), let a gunsmith handle it. 100s and 88s aren't common, and even gunsmiths will probably need to dig up some instructions before tackling the job these days.

The 100s and 88s were decent rifles, but not noted for being stellar accurate. Minute of Deer, or a bit better was the usual accuracy. Some individual rifles were better, some worse. Low sales volume (and the firing pin problem) led to them being discontinued.

They bring a fair chunk of change at the gun shows today, especially in .284, but that's due more to collector intrest than anything else.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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