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Gaerek, all jokes aside....I apologize if you personally took offense to my wording....and anyone else out there who carry 24/7. I know there are a TON of you out there dedicated to that lifestyle and you know what? I commend you for it because you are consistent and probably never deviate from it. Me? I just cant do it and dont feel the need.

I do see your point(s) and was trying to find a way to drive my personal points without ticking anyone off directly by saying something dumb like, " are wrong". There is no wrong in this situation. Ill also stop beating my point that I think its excessive because at this point its just a tailspin.

Fellas, have a great Friday night and Garek I'll also be on baby duty when I get home while the wife bartends. I like this place and hope to create allies in my future postings, not the opposite.

The fact is, this thread alone has helped me tremendously and I appreciate all the feedback finding a comfy solution to my carry issues. I am now VERY comfy with carrying more than I was before....and carrying C1. I feel more balanced now and confident in my gun, myself, and my carry system
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