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You have to draw the line somewhere i have any fire extinguishers in the house and don't have a firearm with in reach in the house. But i feel perfectly safe if no point worrying what might happen.
Please don't be offended that I'm disagreeing with you here. As I've said, it's no burden to have a gun on me. So why not? If it was a problem, I'd probably just keep a gun in a lockbox in the 2 or 3 places I am most of the time nearby, but it's not a problem. I don't even notice the weight on my hip anymore. And honestly, it feels more strange not having a gun hanging off my hip than having one now.

PS I do lock the door most of the time.
I do too! Locks keep the honest people out. There are very few typical house exterior doors that can't be defeated within seconds. I found this out when I accidently locked myself out once (actually, my 2.5 year old at the time closed the deadbolt when I went outside briefly) when my wife was out of town (all spare keys were inside). I was able to kick my own door with one kick, and I was inside in seconds. I had to rebuild the door frame, so it was an expensive lesson.
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