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I think its excessive to carry in my house, in the shower, etc. Thats me.
In other words, you think I'm wrong.

Sorry....but you will see I NEVER once attempted to say its wrong because eI know that would be stupid and completely my opinion.
You're right. You're not saying it explicitly. You're not using the words, "You're wrong." The fact that you're getting worked up about it, getting defensive about it, and keep repeating your opinion tells me that you are implicitly saying "You're wrong."

It's ok to think that. That's all I'm trying to say. I'm not getting worked up. I'm stuck in the house babysitting my kids and my niece today, so I've really got nothing better to do today. It's ok to tell someone they're wrong, really. I don't get offended. I believe your way of carrying is wrong. And that's OK, that allows us to have a discussion. But when someone gets carried away, worked up, and defensive, as you are, it's counter productive.

Anyway, I've beat my point to death, and if you don't get it by now, you never will, so I'm done with that point. (And I really will be, unlike you who happens to keep bringing it up).
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