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1911Turner, Based on your comments on the first two rounds and the magazine play it sounds like my magazines are functioning correctly as that is what I see. Since I have never had any feed problem until just recently, obviously something has changed, which brings up the question, why does it feed normally if I push up on the magazine? I assume the feed and barrel ramp angles are unchanged and are not the issue. It sounds like the EGW magazine catch could correct the issue but if my magazine play is normal then maybe there is another issue.
I think the whole issue of magazine play is confusing the matter a bit. A little vertical play is totally normal, and beyond that it probably doesn't tell us a whole lot to try to measure the amount of play that is normal particularly when we're comparing different guns and magazines spread across the country. The pertinent facts here are: 1) Some play is normal in all guns, and 2) Lessening the amount of play in your situation seems to resolve the feeding issue.

The EGW mag catch is in some sense a work around or band-aid solution to this sort of problem, and it's honestly one of multiple such solutions on the market. Aftermarket magazines like Wilson Combat and those similar to them accomplish the same thing by changing the design of the magazine body and follower, so that as a result the rounds in the magazine sit higher in relationship to the feed ramp. And as others have pointed out, you could probably also accomplish the same thing by changing the springs and/or followers in your existing magazines, which would again accomplish more or less the same thing in a different way.

If it were me I'd stop messing with those magazines and switch to an aftermarket magazine designed to postion the rounds a little higher from the start. But if you want to stick with those magazines then I'd suggest either the EGW catch or taking the time to tear them apart and rebuild them. Tripp Research and Wilson Combat both make great aftermarket rebuild kits that will work wonders on your magazines if you're willing to spend a few dollars on new springs and followers. I've gone that route on a few GI mags past their prime and been more than pleased with the results.

So several different solutions depending on how much time, money, and effort you want to throw at it.
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