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This is an opinion.

Are you wrong in your 100% 24/7 carry lifestyles? I dont know. Are you right? I dont know.
The point of discussion is to gain in knowledge and to see others points of view. The fact that you don't know either way makes this a good discussion to have.

Will I ever attempt to make a statement for or against it telling you its right or wrong? Never, because its your own personal preference....
But the fact that you keep repeating your opinion tells me you believe it is wrong. You are implying those of us that do are wrong, you're just avoiding saying explicitly. I don't think this is a bad thing. As I've said, it's a discussion. These kinds of things are good!

but I am certainly entitled to speak my mind since everyone is throwing their voices around here.
You are absolutely right! But, don't get defensive when someone disagrees with you, because everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I do think its excessive....and in my case not something I will do
So, you're implying that my way is wrong?

(That's not a bad thing. I don't know why you're trying to avoid saying it. Maybe you don't have a good argument against it?)

There is no right or wrong. Period.
Not according to you. Your way is right in your eyes. If it wasn't right, you wouldn't do it. My way is wrong in your eyes. If you thought it was right, you would do it my way. This isn't a bad thing. This allows for discussion. Don't get defensive when people disagree with you.
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