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My Plan For Saturday

This might sound crazy because it probably is but here goes.

A spent fall turkey season working a creek bottom and feild edge. The same area all season. During Bow season this fall I was able to get birds into shotgun range during bow season and then not at all during shotgun season.

During that time period I did decently well with ducks along that creek bottom. Didn't go home with a turkey but did eat some birds. Also I have recently observed geese in the area.

I am therefore considering carrying my shotgun with slugs In the pipe and a pocket full of waterfowl loads. If I understand correctly the shotty should be decently accurate to 50 yards or so with slugs with the improved choke. Therefore I could switch in the feild between slugs and waterfowl.

My thinking is to sit for deer in the early hours of the morning and switch focus for the mid part of the day. I could then go back to slugs for the end of the day.

Does anyone think I'm crazy or has anyone else done this in the past?

Regards, Vermonter
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