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would you use it?


Visiting my granpa the other day, he gave me his rifle, its an old k98k made in 1937. Its the rifle that my granpa used in ww2 on the eastern front (hes from austria).
He kept it in good shape all his live,oiled and cleaned it at least once a year. Its the only rifle he used/owned in his entire live.

Well now its mine, but im kind of a modern-technology-guy and i dont really trust an action that is 75 years old. +he never changed a single part, so its ww2 technology all over...
Im not sure if i should shoot it or just hang it on the wall as a family heirloom. Would it be safe to shoot it? Would i have to use reduced loads? I dont want this thing to blow up in my face because the steel of the chamber is to old...
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