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Guys, NONE of you are correct...its all about how you feel about your surroundings. Stop trying to force your own personal opinions about home carry on others.

Me? I generally wont carry inside my home. Its pointless. I like to change into comfortable clothes after work and refuse to lounge around in jeans & a heavy duty belt....with my gun holstered C1. I think some of you out there are absolutely paranoid.....but I will never tell you that you are WRONG. Once my wife and I are home for the night around 8pm....the doors get locked and the alarm system goes on. My gun stays in my unlocked upstairs safe no more than 20 feet from me until I go to bed...where it then sits on my nightstand. As my 1 year old grows older and transitions into a crib with no borders...I will revise my sleeping situation and likely place it inside a tiny safe on the top shelf of my closet which is 4 feet from me. If I am staying downstairs for long periods, the gun sits holstered high up atop my microwave in the kitchen which is in a central part of my downstairs.

That is MY PERSONAL setup. I dont care what anyone says here to try to persuade me otherwise. You all need to respect everyone else who doesnt agree with carrying 100% 24/7. Again, I think some of you are just plain paranoid....but thats just my $.02

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