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On the other hand, it's undeniable that carefully crafted ammo will almost always be better than generic factory ammo. Still though, carefully crafted ammo that is specific to a guns twist rate and free-bore will probably be better than carefully crafted ammo that's NOT tailored to the gun, if the gun is as I mentioned chambered in a cartridge which has a less standardized setup.
I had a 7mm that a not only carefully crafted, checked the free bore and set it tighter than factory did.

Ok, but it never shot all that well (1.5 at 100)

One day I was headed out for a hunt way up North and it was "oh ****, no rounds loaded up". Screw it, down to the store, Federal Premium on sale in the right gr bullet, down to the range.

Damn, these things shoot better than my hand-loads!.

After that, I just bought them. Sometimes for the mission it just doesn't pay (and yes I am still reloading, I like it and get better resutls mostly, but for that once a year hunt where it doesn't matter than much between 3/4 MOA and 2 inches, factory is fine!
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