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Originally Posted by WillyKern69
...lets say you use lethal force in your home when a perp breaks in. Are they going to drug test you and if you had THC in your system...
It might depend. You have intentionally hurt or killed another person, which is prima facie a crime. Even though you'll assert justification, the event will still be investigated. So a lot depends on local practices.

In any case, your home is now a crime scene and will come under scrutiny in the course of investing the break-in and use of force. What will they see? Some cigaret papers on a coffee table? The remnants of a joint lying around somewhere? Or maybe there's a lingering odor of marijuana smoke on the drapes? Things might start to get interesting as the police realize that (1) this is a household with guns; and (2) there are some indications that marijuana was used in the house. At that point they can start thinking about search warrants and/or court orders for drug tests.
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