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That's interesting to me. I almost always carry concealed, even in the house. No sense giving a tactical advantage to a possible intruder if he gets the drop on me. Then again, I'm well aware of the fact that "house clothes" aren't always the best for concealment either. If I can conceal, I do. If what I'm wearing (in the house, that is) doesn't allow me to, then I don't bother to try.
I suppose it's more me not bothering to conceal it, then consciously deciding "I'm going to open carry while I make a sandwich."

When I have company over, or think I may, I tend to conceal. Depending on who it is.

There's been more than one time where a few buddies come over for cards and we end up sitting around the table all wearing shoulder holsters. Kind of a classic image though, no?
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