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The best argument for hi-capacity is,,,

The best argument for hi-capacity is,,,
The opening scene of "The Wind and the Lion",

The scene is the early 1900's Morocco,,,
Bad guy arab storms into the compound of Eden Perdicaris,,,
Good guy british gent stands up and pulls his revolver from a shoulder holster.

He very methodically shoots six raiders off of their horses,,,
Then you hear, "click-click, oh damn!" just before he gets his head sliced open.

Okay this is meant to be humorous,,,
Because I started reading this thread yesterday afternoon,,,
And just yesterday evening the DVD of the movie hit my mailbox from Netflix.

Now having said that, I often carry a 5-shot S&W Model 36,,,
But I don't think I'm going to have to face a large group of raiding horsemen either.

Perhaps I should always have my carry briefcase with me,,,
In it's internal holster is a fully loaded CZ-75B,,,
With a spare 16 round magazine as well.


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