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I would rather prevent/abate wear on my guns,,,

Several years ago I started a thread,,,
It was on how to lessen the effects of wear on a blued pistol.

I was amazed at the amount of folk who got on me about this,,,
Just because I wanted to lessen the effect of wear.

My grandfather had several rifles & shotguns he used very frequently,,,
After every time out they got cleaned thoroughly,,,
He would wipe the guns with alcohol,,,
Then wipe on some cold blue,,,
Then a light wipe of oil.

All of his guns were at the very least 25 years old at that time,,,
They all looked like they were brand new.

This was in contrast to my father,,,
He said cleaning guns (anything) was a waste of time,,,
Just a drop of oil here and there and they will last just as long.

My Grandfather took care of every thing he had,,,
His 15 year old truck looked brand new,,,
And lasted for over 30 years.

My Father's truck never got cleaned, washed, or waxed,,,
It looked like a wreck after just a few years,,,
Nothing my Father ever had lasted long.

Which person do you think I should emulate?


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