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870 smoothbore slug options

have an 870 that I would like to use for short range deer and pig hunting
- 100 yards and less.

I would like to use slugs

The barrel is 26 inches and is smoothbore with a full choke

I would ask for your input on

1) getting a modified choke tube.......

What accuracy can I expect at 100 yards?

What are the best slugs for those who have tried this?

Would an improved choke be better?

2) should I get a rifled scope tube?

What sort of accuracy would I get at 100 yards?

What is the best slug to buy for this setup?

I realize that a rifled barrel would be the best choice, but my other rifle purchases recently have limited the fun funds.

Please let me know and thanks in advance

Also..... Let me know which choke vendor you like the best as well
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