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BS on all of that crap. It aint a toy. If it has any issues get rid of it, You can not bet your life on something that does not work. That includes the GEN4 GLOCK. They dont work right either. I have a Glock GEN3 shot it with all kinds of ammo and never missed a beat. Hell thats one reason you pay $1 a round for defence ammo. GET WHAT WORKS!!!!!
I got a S&W MP15 22, worked its way up to running like crap.

Sent back, despite the rep for being picky, it shot anything I put in it after.

I would buy another S&W.

Sig junk SP2022 (at least price wise) has been flawless with a wide variety or rounds that is probably norht of 1500

Famous reliable you can put cement in it and and it will run glock has all sorts of failures, hmmm.

There is a term for connecting one incident and making a conclusion. Its called superstition.

In this case the OP may indeed have an issue as it should shoot the 115s.
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