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For my 300 Win. Mag Browning A-Bolt with a 26 inch barrel

This rifle I nearly gave up on due to a short magazine issue that was keeping me away from being able to seat bullets to published coal specs and accuracy was only being achieved by "single loading" due to excess bullet jump to the lands if cartridges were seated to fit the magazine. A Barnes TSX bullet solved this for me due to the "long jump" preference of these bullets.

73.0 gr. IMR4350 ( .5 gr. under max per Barnes , see footnote at bottom )
Federal 215M primer
Federal Premium case ( nickle )
3.365 coal with moderate Lee crimp using FCD die
3,225 fps chronographed with 13 fps standard deviation
sub MOA @ 200 yds. ( just barely )

Load data for the Barnes "grooved" bullets tend to have higher max load limits than loads published for other "non grooved" bullets by such as Hodgdon as the "grooved" bullets tend to create lower pressures due to a reduced amount of load bearing surface contact between the bullet and the bore.

A Lee factory crimp die was used with a moderate pressure as the bullet coal is 0.015 in. less than the inside dimension of the magazine. No feeding problems have occured and none are wanted therefore we crimp.

This load I have nick named "Thors' Hammer" as it anchors deer and elk . The Barnes is without a doubt one "MAJOR BAD BOY" in terminal performance !
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