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Originally Posted by WillyKern69
..."unlawful user" and "addicted" seems to be pretty open to interpretation. What if you travel to New Amsterdamn, or Vancover B.C. three times a year to smoke it(where it is legal)...
No one is likely to claim one is addicted to marijuana for the purposes of 18 USC 922(g)(3). Someone being a unlawful user is good enough for a conviction, so there's no need to fight about whether marijuana is addicting.

As far as the interpretation and application of the the definition in the law (which I cited and quoted above) of "user" under the circumstances you describe, if you're unlucky, that will be up to a judge. How persuasive do you think your arguments will be to a judge?

ETA: BTW, you're thinking of Amsterdam, which is a city in The Netherlands, not New Amsterdam, which is the original (now long obsolete) name of New York City.
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