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At home I tend to open carry unless I feel it will cause an issue (i.e. it bothers my mother when I visit my parents house, so I conceal it when I'm in the house.
That's interesting to me. I almost always carry concealed, even in the house. No sense giving a tactical advantage to a possible intruder if he gets the drop on me. Then again, I'm well aware of the fact that "house clothes" aren't always the best for concealment either. If I can conceal, I do. If what I'm wearing (in the house, that is) doesn't allow me to, then I don't bother to try.

Having said that, Remora No-clip holsters are pretty awesome when it comes to around the house carry. I probably wouldn't take it outside, as I'd want a bit more retention. But for around the house, they're great and I've never had an issue. There's a video on youtube of a woman using it in her bikini bottom (and not slipping out at all) and inside the waistband of boxer shorts. Anyway, something to consider.
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