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What should I consider for improving my AR15's accuracy?

I know there are several things that I should look into as I gradually build up my AR15, of course most of the accuracy is dependent on the skill of the shooter, I'd like to know more about what goes into make a really accurate AR.

Currently I'm using a stock M16 style Stag Arms model 4 with a 1:9 twist 20" barrel with an A2 stock.

From what I've researched there are many things that can affect the rifles accuracy.

Fit and finish: If there is play between the upper and lower reciever this can hinder accuracy

Free floated barrel: contact between the handguards and the barrel can adversely affect the barrels harmonics.

Stock selection: As I understand it, a fixed stock helps with accuracy as well (Perhaps due to the ridgidness it provides as opposed to collapsable ones?)

Barrel thickness: The hotter the barrel gets, the greater it distorts the trajectory, so if I understand correctly a heavy grade barrel would be nice.

Trigger: gritty or "Stagey" triggers can adversly affect accuracy as well if I recall, a smooth crisp trigger pull will help in this aspect.

Finally: Ammunition. Good match grade ammunition will help you attain the most out of each shot in a well built platform.

Is there anything else that I may have missed? Points I may be misinterpreting and so on.

Comments and advice would be appreciated.

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