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I agree with all the comments thus far. I've got a few guns that just don't get "out" enough and their spanking new finish does nothing for me. Like one poster, I also have a very few I'm reticent to put any wear on, but they're--actually one in particular--"special" and would devalue to put wear on. But I'm generally a "no safe queens" type. And...yes, I agree with the trend of this thread such that I have "antiqued" a few (Colt SAA clones) to accelerate what would otherwise take years of "honest" wear to achieve - and love 'em. Imagine the following (beyond an admittedly certain cool and desirable factor on its own if actually new and how valuable if actually in that condition!) - a brand spanking new M1 Garand, a Walther P38, a GI 1911, a First Gen Colt SAA or 1851, an 1873 Win or Pre War 92/94, etc, etc. The iconic image of these is used with wear, oozing "character.". And, beyond possibly devaluing as investments--not usually why I get something--I usually can't wait to see some holster and use wear on a new firearm.
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