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Wonderful news! Will Texas be next?....
Considering that OC has withered on the vine during the last several legislative sessions, I doubt it.

Although the Dayne Sherman article in the Hammond Star is arguably anti-RKBA, IMHO it does correctly point out one prominent fact about LA Amendment 2- to a large degree, it theoretically takes away the ability of the legislature to pass gun control laws by handing broad authority to the courts.

One fact to remember about the TX legislature is that they have historically always guarded their power very jealously; that's why we have popularly elected judges and a relatively toothless governor. As I understand it, the only way the TX Constitution can be amended is if the amendment originates in the legislature. IMHO it's highly unlikely that the legislature will voluntarily hand over this much power to the courts, regardless of how many brownie points they will earn with pro-RKBA voters by doing it.
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