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Pietta 1851 Navy London nipples (sorry, a little long)

Received my first BP firearm of any kind yesterday. The first thing I did was remove the wedge and examine it. With the cylinder in my hand I could closely examined the nipples as I want to remove them and put anti-seize on the threads. The nipples on this thing look like they dont have enough enough of a flat sticking up to even get a wrench on. I don't have a nipple wrench yet, this was strictly an examination. My research shows some horror stories about broken or worn wrenches. I'm looking to get a good one the first time, I don't want a "drawer full of nipple wrenches", you know like the proverbial drawer full of holsters? Are these Pietta nipples going to be difficult to remove and what wrench should I get? What is the measurement across the flats on these? I'm not shooting this thing til I find out. Stayed up til 1:30 trying to get an answer.

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