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hooligan is certainly right, in that you can FL size the cases each time and probably have no chambering issues. But, if what you are doing right now is neck sizing, then further adjustment of the die won't change the tight chambering problem at all. My suggestion about partial resizing would be that you back out the FL die enough so that when you raise the ram and shellholder up to the base of the die, there's about the width of a dime showing between the base of the die and top of the shellholder. That should be enough to size most of the neck and still bump that shoulder back a small amount. Find a case that you've neck sized and that chambers with difficulty. Then do the above-described partial resize and then see how that same case chambers. I think you said that you have a 30-06. That tapered case will partial resize quite well.

Of course, you could just FL resize each time. The result will be shorter case life, but maybe that isn't an issue with you. As for accuracy, there are those that say that FL resized cases shoot better than Partial Resized or Neck Sized cases. Maybe to the long range guys that's true. My personal feeling is that my neck sized and partial resized cases shoot a bit better than the FL sized cases (in my rifles), but I don't have hard data to support that, and I suppose it's possible that I just want to believe that. Anyway, try the partial resize out and see what you think. Can't hurt, and tinkering is always fun.
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