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“Any way of checking other what we have already shot?”

That is it, you did good, I have fired 8mm57 in an 8mm06 chamber, Hatcher fired 30/06 in his modified chamber, I ejected 8mm06 cases with very short necks, Hatcher ejected formed 30/06 modified cases, his case body length increased .080” from the head of the case to its shoulder, his case shortened, part of the case body became part of the shoulder, part of the neck became part of the shoulder. Hatcher? he just knew the case head would separate from the case body, he knew the case could not stretch .080”.

Both his case and my case shortened. the cases was fired, when the case was fired a new shoulder was formed. O am the fan of cutting down on all that case travel, neither Hatcher’s case or my case did any traveling forwarded.

A 30/06 case will chamber in an 8mm/06 chamber, both will have the same case head protrusion, meaning the bolt will close on a 30/06 case when chambered to 8mm06. A bad habit would be to chamber a live round.

there are a few that have managed to close the bolt on a 30/06 chamber after chambering a 8mm57 round. my opinion, firing a 8mm57 round in a 30/06 chamber can render a rifle scrap. And that is the reason I am not a fan of closing the bolt with belt resistance, I believe it is a bad habit. There are a number of reasons for belt resistance to bolt closing, not all of the reasons are good, I know, sounds good, “I like to un-bump my shoulders to eliminate the difference in length between the case and chamber, I want my case longer than the chamber” etc.. I believe it is a bad habit.

The difference in length between Hatchers modified experiment and firing a 8mm57 in a 8mm06 chamber is .125, meaning Hatcher formed his shoulder forward of the old shoulder .080”, I formed the 8mm57 shoulder forward .127”, Hatcher knew his case heads would separate, we all know the case will not stretch .080”, his case and my case did not stretch, his case and my case did not run to the front of the chamber in an attempt to out run the firing pin, my firing pins are mechanical and operated by a spring.

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