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It never occurred to me that a high Dollar shotgun was necessary. I am a life long fan of the Remington 870 and 1100 shotguns and have owned a sizable pile of each model. I'd trust my life to either one of them without a moment of hesitation.

What makes the 12 gauge so versatile is the wide selection of ammo. You can hunt birds to buffalo and anything in between. I'd put the 12 gauge shotgun slug against almost anything at 50 yards.

A word of caution. Much is said about the 870 locking up after short stroking the action. I've never had that happen but it can lock up the gun at a very embarrassing time! The slide rods on the 870, time release of fresh rounds from the magazine. A short stroke will feed a new round before the gun has cleared the fired one. The cure for that is to always work the slide and hard. It's not for show. That's a genuine guarantee of reliable action.

The slickest pump action shotgun around is the Remington Wingmaster 870. Express models are less expensive but they don't have the "smooth as glass" action. I can take one of my Wingmasters, hold it muzzle up and when I press the action release, the action will open of its own weight. How far the action opens depends on whether the hammer was cocked or not. That's smooth!

SO...spend a ton of money on a shotgun if you wish but it's just not necessary.

Good luck with your selection!


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