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I carry 100% of the time it is legal for me to do so.

Most of my friends are aware I'm armed at any given time, but then again they are too. (We're all Military/LE/Security etc)

When I first got my CCW, I never had the chamber loaded. I think it was a similar stigma. I didn't fully trust my weapon, nor did I trust myself WITH the weapon.

Over time (and with a ton of training, professional and personal) I carry my Sig with no worries whatsoever. I trust the firearm implicitly, and I trust my own training and experience with it to know I can handle a situation should one arise. When I'm out, at home, etc, I still carry. At home I tend to open carry unless I feel it will cause an issue (i.e. it bothers my mother when I visit my parents house, so I conceal it when I'm in the house. Funnily enough I realized last trip that even around the house my father was doing the same thing)
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