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“Army made its version with a single locking lug and a non-bearing safety lug is not, as far as I know, known at this point in time”

Springfield built the Crag with one lug because they did not know how to build it with two lugs, Springfield built single shots, they could have had a Mauser. Remember, Springfield built 800.000 plus rifles after the Crag that are and were suspect, so it could be said Springfield was working WWHUA for 20 years +/- a few. The British were sent to the Orange Free states with the 303 Enfield, the farmers of the Orange Free states had the Mauser, the British suffered. We went to Cuba with the Crag, the Spanish had the Muaser, we suffered.

Springfield was not accountable, they answered to no one, Browning as in John was just down the Interstate from Springfield, even then it was just a buggy ride, Browning would not allow the Model 94 to be released, the 94 was to be used with smokeless powder, for Winchester it was a matter of changing powder and instant success, Browning disagreed, smokeless powder wore the Model 94 out, Browning was not a home boy, he traveled, he got out of town and unlike Springfield, Browning had no problem finding the patent office. In his research he found a patent for sealing case iron, preventing case iron was important for refrigeration. Instead of WWHUA Browning used the same process for preventing case iron from leaking on the Model 94 parts that showed failure caused by smokless powder, the Model 94 was released in 1895. The process Browning used was discovered by Springfield 30 years +/- a few in their NS version of the 03. That was 10 years +/- very few after the manufactures of the M1917 found the process.

I am not complaining, if it not been for the British and their design of the P14 and their equipment we would have gone to WW1 with an 03 served by a 10 man crew, or we could have purchased Mausers. In my opinion we would have been better off had the US fired Springfield and hired John Browning.

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