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Hum all this talk about how air guns help you shoot
Truth it is Metal God.

Spring piston airguns recoil in two directions. They are extremely sensitive to pellet weight, actual diameter and shape. They are extremely sensitive to the type of rests used when shooting from a bench... and require a great deal of experimentation with exacting, repeatable holds, follow-through, cheek weld and shoulder pressure to be consistently accurate.

I can put almost anyone behind a competitive 6PPC, centerfire benchrest rifle and, within an hour, have them shooting sub .300" 5 shot groups at 100 yds... if I'm watching the flags and mirage, and they shoot when I tell them to. It takes me days to teach someone to put a .177 cal pellet into the center of a .250" X ring, without touching the line, at 10 meters, fairly consistently.

That's why when srtmat said he was an airgun guy, the Tikka's accuracy, with him behind the trigger made perfect sense.

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