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Originally Posted by Husqvarna
so the .44 mag, any chance it could qualify as a big game cartridge for me?

the legal demands are

atleast a 9 gram bullet and force at 100 meters atleast 2700 j (joule?)

or 10 gram bullet and 2000j at 100m

and in over the counter ammunition, not hot handloads

too bad the 30-30 isn't legal in CAS it was almost avaible in the old west
No, not even close, not even out of a rifle, in fact, a .30-30 probably won't meet the 2000 joule at 100 meter standard.

Energy = 1/2 mass x velocity squared.
Use kilograms as your mass unit and meters per second as your velocity unit and the answer will be in joules.
Use slugs as your mass unit and ft per second as your velocity unit and your answer will be in ft-lb.

9 grams= 138.85 grains
10 grams= 154.28 grains
2000 joules = 1476 ft lb
2700 joules = 1992 ft lb

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