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In 1987 my brother sent me what turned out to be my first data loads, it was 30-06, using a 150 grn Sierra Gameking, and four different powder weights of IMR 4350. At the time all I shot from my rifle,( Remington 700) was 180 grn Core-Lokts.
With the loads, (5 rnds each) he sent me pertinant instructions on how to fire these loads, and under no circumstances was I do anything other than he wrote.
In the end I found that my rifle loved the # 4 loading which was 58 grns of IMR 4350, at 100 yds you could cover all five with a quarter, and at this time I still shot "open sights".
That's when I got hooked, and in 1989 I moved back to my families neighborhood and we started loading all kinds of cartridges.... whoooo hoooooo.
It's fun but not cheap, but it's real rewarding.
Thanks for coming!
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