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There is available on-line in the complete version, the Infantry Drill Regulations of 1892 (and other editions, too) that do mention volley fire. It is covered in about a page and a half of text. It doesn't use the expression "beaten zone," although I believe that term probably originated during WWI. The instructions, though brief by modern standards, are still quite interesting.

It said in so many words that volley fire would be used at 800 yards at a line of a squad, 1000 yards for a platoon, and 1200 for a company, referring in all cases to the target. The instructions were for the squad as a firing unit. It went on to say that if ammunition were ample and the men not too tired, then volley firing could be used at "extreme ranges," defined as between 1400 and 2000 yards, if the enemy were numerous. It also said that no more than three volleys be fired without a rest to prevent ammuntion wastage.

Less than 300 yards was considered short range.

One could say that virtually everything about the infantry was different but after all, that was 120 years ago.
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