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Thanks Guys!

All of my shooting thus far was done off a Caldwell lead sled. I have yet to feel the recoil I hear about with these Tikka's.

Thanks for the tip hoghunting. I will look into both of those brands. I planned on getting recoil pads but I wanted to find ones that didn't need a lot of fitting and look like they came on the gun.

This sure is a nice forum. I can see I'll be spending some time around here reading and learning.

This forum has already got my cleaning techniques straightened out. I picked up a lucas bore guide and a whole new line of cleaning produsts.
It's hard to blame my old gun for shooting poor groups when I think of how many times I draggged rods across it's crown.
These guns will receive only the best treatment and my son will also be learning the right way to clean a gun. God bless my dear old Dad but I had no idea how to properly clean a gun all these years. I had no idea I was doing more damage than good.

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