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SEHunter it's totally up to you dude, but for me,( I use my handloads for hunting) I like to fl resize, then when I get to the field I have zero loading and unloading troubles.
Loademwell, sound to me like you didn't adjust your dies correctly, next time you handload some 25-06, try an empty case in your rifles chamber after you set your die, and see where the termoil came from. I randomly test my empty cases like this so I can further control the quality of my handloads.
SEHunter I like your choice of bullets and powder, but try this one a 150 grn Accubond with IMR 4350,, it really seems to me that alot of 30-06's love IMR4350, it fills the case and burns well in 22 inch barrels.
Thanks for coming!
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