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I have one and it's great. Puts a nice tight pattern of 10-12" at 7 yds with #6 birdshot w/choke. Haven't tried the Fed 3" 000 Buck w/5 pellets, but I have tried the 2 1/2" w/4 and it will blow thru 4 jugs of water at 10 yds. I think the 2 1/2" is more powerful than the 3" and holds a 5" pattern w/choke. I keep it right by the nightstand loaded with 000 in 2 1/2". Federal also has a #4 buckshot with 8 pellets in 3", but haven't tried that yet as I see no need for it.

The 22 is fun to shoot and is a good plinker out to 50 yds. The 45 is not accurate as the barrel is a bit wider than the normal judge and has a very light rifling. Be sure to pull the choke if you plan to use 45.
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