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I have an older 60 . 22" barrel and holds 17 rounds . It is old and acts like it . I think it's tired and needs all new springs . It sat in the closet of the guy I got from for years . It came to me I bad shape . I did clean it up put a new ATI stock on it and it works really good as long as I use mini mags or better . It will not shoot bulk ammo , feed jams almost every shot . I just think it's cus its old and tired . All in all it works good , exept for the fact that you pretty much need a come-a-long to pull the trigger . I would love to have shot this thing when it was new-ish . Maybe some day I'll fix it up to like new condition.

Quick funny story . I was at the range a little while back. There was a guy and his son there . They were a couple tables down from me and were shooting a newer 60 among other things . We all got to talking and they asked me what I was shooting . I should them the guns I had with me and I got to the marlin there eyes opened wide . They asked " thats the same gun as the one we have " I said yes and should them the new stock and how had a longer barrel and stuff .I also have a scope on mine and they were just using the iron sights . They went on to tell me how they were have problems with theres cycling all day . I gave them about 50 or so rounds of the mini mags to try . We all went back to shooting and when they were leaving I asked . How did those mini mags work ? They said the gun worked perfect while using them but still woud not work well with the bulk wal-mart stuff .

At the time I thought that made sense mine does the same thing . How ever everybody that talks about them here at TFL posts how great they are and they NEVER have any problems with them . So I guess I'll ask this now , how often do you have feed jams or any cycling issues with the model 60 ? Is there ammo that yours just hates ?
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