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Arrond, your 61 & having trouble shooting with iron sights - buy a scope for your CZ & start enjoying the potential accuracy of this fine .22. Everyones eyes deteriorate at some stage & you've done better than some if youre still shooting iron sights in your 60's.
As for having other people sight your rifles in for you, I can relate a story of some 25 years ago. My brother & I went to a rifle range together. He was most impressed with his scoped Marlin 39A, putting 5 shots through the same hole at 50 yards shooting over sandbag rest. I could also put 5 shots through the same hole at 50 yards with my brothers Marlin 39A, BUT the 2 groups were over 1 inch apart. My brother is left handed & I'm right handed, maybe this caused the difference , but it sure highlighted the fact many years ago to me, that 2 people can definately shoot to different zero with the same rifle.
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