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That depends on what you mean by "putting down" a threat. Many would say that a heavier load is more likely to not just stop but to end a thret by rendering a bg incapable of getting off return fire I suppose a .410 has its place as a defensive weapon and especially if one is physicly unable to handle someting larger, but it wouldn't be my choice.

Actually, I am supposed to take my daughter to the range this weekend and plan on renting her a semi-auto 20 gauge. Recoil aside, I don't think she could handle the weight of my 12 gauge Citori with 30 inch barrels and a fixed breech.

If I want to force myself to better center my hits with the 12, I can easily use a tight choke or even mimic a 28 gauge by loading 3/4 ouncers. But should I have to ever take care of business, I want the 12 gauge load.

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