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Marlin Model 60 - Quality issues since Remington

I just bought a model 60 a month or so ago and was not thrilled with it. I had one as a kid and got this one since my little guys are almost shooting age. I have to say the quality was not what I expected from the most popular .22 ever.
In the interest of full disclosure, I did walk out of the store with a sealed box, not the display model I actually inspected. My mistake aside, I found out when I got home that the rear buckhorn sight flops almost 1/2 inch to either side. The action was also bone dry. This isn't what I bought a Marlin for. I have several of them and love them all (with the exception of this most recent purchase - I like it since I put a new set of tech sights on it, but it hasn't fully recovered from a bad first impression).
Like I said, I love my Marlins (I have a 1988 model 795 and a 1969 model 336T), but I will never buy another one made after Remington took over. Not what I expected from a Marlin.
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