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I hope you guys come back and read this:::: I may have to repost with a very similar heading.... anyway!!!

I reloaded a while back ago. 25-06 I used a Lee single stage along with Lee Collete Die (Neck Only) Reading what everyone else has posted above, I have to ask:

What did I do wrong? I shot factory no prob. went home and reloaded 117 gr. spBT's same as factory. Took gun and MY ammo out hunting, didn't see a single deer, came home, and was unable to eject MY round out of the chamber. I was scared to keep it hot so I fired the round off and the case came out no prob. This happened a few times when I was out at the range. I would try taking out a live round out of the chamber and was unable to. I put a lot of pressure on the bolt, I'm telling ya, You would have needed a hammer... I always thought it was MY round being such a tight fit that it couldn't be taken back out....

Any ideas?

Going to reload again very soon. Thinking the same question. But a little skeptical of the Neck size only now!!!!!
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