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Glenn and DNS, doing research on the dogs is not a bad idea.

Note, though, that you probably did your research after the fact, in the comfort of your study spaces.

(If you knew the habits of African painted dogs from prior research, more power to you.)

My point, though, is that in most such situations, the odds are that 1) we won't be experts on the critters encountered; and 2) we won't have time to look up their habits in the wild. We will most likely have to ad-lib quite a bit.

Another point to consider: the animals in the zoo may be "wild," but they are not kept hungry. They aren't hunting because they need to hunt, so the odds are high that they will behave differently than would a hunting pack in the wild.

And most canids are rather cautious of adult, non-elderly humans. That does not mean they can't take them down, but it does mean they typically do not.
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