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Ike - I should have added - out of 5 1/2" barrel SAAs, I use 5.8 grains of Trail Boss under 200 gr. Oregon Trail bullets. I recommend starting with no less than 5.6 gr. powder and nor more than 6.0 gr., to get a feel for where the guns shoot.

On behalf of all the old dads out there, thanks for looking out for yours. They are gone too soon. My last great memory of time with my daddy was when he laid my 3-screw Ruger .45LC Blackhawk across the hood of our car and popped a distant soda can or squirrel or something small, with the first shot. He had to go home after that, out of wind from emphysema, but I didn't fully understand, until recent years, that in that moment he was able to have the personal triumph of one final, excellent shot in the company of his son.

Enjoy those moments with your parents.
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